• SMEs

    Our solutions will be practical for both your business objectives and your budget.”


Many small-to medium businesses across Africa face unique challenges to operate sustainably and achieve overall objectives. Outdated technologies that ead to inefficient business processes, lost data and expensive marketing mediums are some of the challenges that SMEs face.

InterVAS Limited offers unique and affordable value added services that will support your business and transform your small
business into the corporate entity that you envisioned it to be. Our product and services offering for SMEs include:-
Bulk SMS services, Software Development Services, Business and Technology Consulting

Bring you’re idea to life is easier with the right tools

Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS is an efficient communication tool that affords businesses the opportunity to communicate to their target
market at a low cost compared to other communication tools.

The use of our responsive bulk SMS messaging platform will allow you to analyse the delivery rates, open rates,
opt-out rates, click-through rates and conversation rates for your SMS marketing campaigns. We also offer a wide range of product
features that will meet your messaging needs.

  • Send and Receive SMS messages – Using a web browser | Using software on your Windows laptop or PC | Using any mobile phone |
    Receive SMS’s from your customers
  • SMS Extra! – Schedule SMS Messaging | Personalise SMS Messaging | Custom Sender ID’s | Long Messages
  • Manage your Bulk SMS Account – Automatic Top-up | Low Credit Warning | Transfer SMS Credit