Bulk SMS is an efficient communication tool that affords businesses the opportunity to communicate to their target market at a low cost compared to other communication tools.

The use of InterVAS’s responsive bulk SMS messaging platform will allow you to analyse the delivery rates, open rates, opt-out rates, click-through rates and conversation rates for your SMS marketing campaigns.

Our two-way SMS communication services will be offered straight from your internet enabled computer or device across numerous countries around the world.

How can you use bulk SMS for your business? Here are some examples below :

Announcements | Promotions | Notifications | Emergency Alerts | SMS Marketing

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Send and Receive SMS messages

  • Using a web browser
  • Using software on your Windows laptop or PC
  • Using any mobile phone
  • Receive SMS’s from your customers
SMS Extra!

  • Schedule SMS Messaging
  • Personalise SMS Messaging
  • Custom Sender ID’s
  • Long Messages
  • Message Queuing
Manage your Bulk SMS Account

  • Automatic Top-up
  • Low Credit Warning
  • Transfer SMS Credit
  • Delivery Notifications
  • Delivery Reports
  • Real-time Analytics



Our bulk SMS gateway allows seamless integration to happen through our world class API via HTTP. We can deploy our two way messaging platform with your CRM software, website or application.

Want to integrate through our API? Get our integration documents here



Our pricing models are designed with affordability in mind. We offer competitive rates and offer bulk discounts for large SMS volumes across various routing options.

Take advantage of our routing options which will cater to your business needs.


If you are on a limited financial budget, our silver route option will cater to your needs. Messages are normally sent via 2-Hop routes and as such the speed of SMS delivery is normally given lower priority.


If you want to have a balanced quotation between the silver and platinum route options, then our gold route option is for you. Messages are normally sent via direct routes, routes with interconnect fees and direct connections.


If having a message delivered expediently and reliably is what you are after, our platinum route is the answer for you. This high quality messaging route is normally sent via routes with interconnect fees or via direct mobile network operator connections and your message will be given the highest priority.


We offer bulk SMS services in the following countries

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