• Omni Channel

    Our approach delivers a true continuity of experience, allowing you to respond to business needs or as customer behavior changes.


Customers today demand and expect a tailored experience across every touchpoint. They want their interactions with companies to be seamless and present where they are.

We think strategically and holistically when creating digital solutions for our clients, building them in a way that you can reach and interact with your customers in a fluid and aligned way. This omni channel approach delivers a true continuity of experience, allowing you to respond to business needs or as customer behaviour changes.

Marketing, selling and serving your customers has never been easier thanks to our omnichannel solutions.

How can you use omnichannel for your business?

Streamline shopping experiences in retail | Streamline guest/diner experiences in hospitality | Streamline digital communications across all channels in all industries


  • Connect to your customers across multiple countries on one unique and interactive user interface.
  • Send your bulk SMS messages faster and more reliably through our dedicated and trusted direct route channels.
  • Create unique “character limit free” SMS messages to your target market and not worry about being limited to only 160 characters.
  • Scale your campaign quickly and easily with our omni-channel platform depending on your business needs without a lot of incremental change in the backend.
  • Integrate your social media, website, mobile and bulk SMS channels through our API led approach to connectivity for improved customer satisfaction and increased revenue.


Our API allows for seamless integration to happen across all omnichannel channels.

We can deploy our two way messaging platform with your CRM software, website or applications. Our SMS messages are sent using HTTP port (80) or HTTP port (443).

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Our pricing models are designed with affordability in mind. We offer competitive rates and ensure that your omnichannel needs are catered for.

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