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Mobile payments are the future of commerce in Africa

Mobile payments and mobile transactions across Africa have increased exponentially over the last few years and this growth trend is set to continue into the future.

InterVAS is proud to introduce LiberPay, a cross border payment platform that addresses the needs of the next generation of consumers in emerging markets in Africa. We believe that m-commerce across Africa should be seamless, reliable and affordable and LiberPay’s features were tailored for the African consumer in mind.

Liber pay

How can you use LiberPay for your business? Here are some examples below :

Receive payments locally and regionally | Make payments locally and regionally | Manage your online payments more efficiently| Split your payments


Accepts Payments

  • LiberPay connects businesses with almost all the mobile network operators and financial institutions that process cash, mobile money, bank mobile wallets, credit and debit cards to make global and local payments reliable, available on demand, and cost-efficient.
Push Payments

  • This feature enables merchants, banks or any Financial Institution to push payments to any of the payout channels that LiberPay supports.
Marketplace Mode

  • This feature is tailored to meet the needs of e-commerce players or marketplace platform owners. LiberPay enables them to collect payments via LiberPay and settle with their merchants instantly without holding their funds.
Escrow Service

  • This feature allows online market vendors to hold payment between sellers and buyers and only release payment When fulfillment is confirmed.
Splitter Payments

Airtime Top-up

Liber pay


Are you interested in integrating with LiberPay.? Click here to get the LiberPay API



Our pricing models are designed with affordability in mind. We offer competitive rates and ensure that your mobile payments and mobile transaction needs are catered for.

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