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    Services are used as a mobile billing method and require a shortcode to send and receive a premium SMS.


Premium SMS services are used as a mobile billing method and require a shortcode to send and receive a premium SMS. Shortcodes are usually 3 digit or 8 digit telephone numbers that are provisioned by the mobile network operators and connected to their billing platforms. Shortcodes are either dedicated, where a business will have a dedicated number, or shared, where a business will share a number with other businesses.

A billing tariff is provisioned to each short code which is the price that a consumer will pay each time they send or receive a premium SMS to or from the shortcode. The two types of billing that relate to our premium SMS services, which include MO (mobile originating) or MT (mobile terminating) billing.

How can you use Premium SMS for your business? Here are some examples below :

Marketing Campaigns | Surveys | Donations | Billable Content | Subscriptions

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  • No internet connection or data required
  • Premium SMS codes can work across all mobile networks in the country the service will be launched
  • Flexible billing options to suit your campaign needs


Our premium SMS gateway allows seamless integration to happen through our world class API via HTTP. We can deploy our two way messaging platform with your CRM software, website or application.

Our SMS messages are sent using HTTP port (80) or HTTP port (443).

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Our pricing models are designed with affordability in mind. We offer competitive rates and ensure that your Premium SMS needs are catered for.

We charge Premium SMS short code acquisition and short code maintenance and a revenue share model per premium SMS sent for the duration of your business’s use of the code.

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