For the past 15 years, interVAS continues to be the leader in the provision of premium mobile content with access to a wide customer base in Africa that does not use credit or debit cards. Our content provision includes games, videos, tones and contests.

Focusing specifically on mobile games, we offer a host of tailor-made top-ranked gaming options that meet the needs and local trends of our customer’s client base. Our gaming genres include but are not limited to :

Action/Adventure | Educational Games | Strategy | Sports | Puzzle| Simulation/Tycoon | Cards| Racing

Our innovative subscription based services billing system allows a seamless way in which our customers can meet and exceed their revenue targets, whilst ensuring that mobile subscribers have an authentic, hassle-free and simplified mobile gaming experience.

Matching our innovative subscription based services billing system as well as our mobile content offering for the African continent, gives our customers a mobile content platform that is robust, unique, highly scalable and profitable. 


  • Transparent billing system that increases conversation and reduces churn
  • Accessible on the following platforms : iPhone/iPad, Android and Windows Phone
  • Content is available to smartphones and feature phones users
  • Platform is easily formattable to suit the needs of your mobile content consumers


We have coverage for the following regions:

Africa | The Middle East

For our clients in Ethopia , please click here for our terms and conditions